A Night in with Richard Flanagan

Join Richard Flanagan in conversation with Jennifer Byrne as he discusses his latest novel, The Living Sea of Waking Dreams.


Thursday 14th January, 2021 @ 6:30 pm

  • In Conversation
  • Online event


About the Event

Join Richard Flanagan in conversation with Jennifer Byrne as he discusses his latest novel, The Living Sea of Waking Dreams.

The Living Sea of Waking Dreams is an ember storm of a novel. This is Booker Prize-winning novelist Richard Flanagan at his most moving—and astonishing—best.

In a world of perennial fire and growing extinctions, Anna’s aged mother is dying—if her three children would just allow it. Condemned by their pity to living she increasingly escapes through her hospital window into visions of horror and delight.

When Anna’s finger vanishes and a few months later her knee disappears, Anna too feels the pull of the window. She begins to see that all around her others are similarly vanishing, but no one else notices. All Anna can do is keep her mother alive. But the window keeps opening wider, taking Anna and the reader ever deeper into a strangely beautiful story about hope and love and orange-bellied parrots.

Richard Flanagan's novels have received numerous honours and are published in forty-two countries. He won the Booker Prize for The Narrow Road to the Deep North and the Commonwealth Prize for Gould’s Book of Fish. A rapid on the Franklin River is named after him.

Jennifer Byrne is a celebrated journalist, editor, quizmaster, Logie-winning presenter, and formerly publishing director of Reed books and host of ABC’s decade-spanning The Book Club.

The ‘stream and book’ package includes a unique ticket for the stream, and a copy of The Living Sea of Waking Dreams, worth £20, deliverable to any UK or international address. 

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About the Book

The Living Sea of Waking Dreams
The Living Sea of Waking Dreams

Richard Flanagan

Publisher:Vintage Publishing

Publication date:14 Jan 2021


2.93 out of 5
8 reviews
"a raging tale about grief and loss that asks existential questions"
New Statesman
"The Living Sea of Waking Dreams at its best when it balances its vehemence with its beauty, when it leaves space for the reader to wander and wonder"
The Guardian
"This magical new novel is about our loss of connection to nature – and to each other"
The Daily Telegraph
"At the heart of this latest novel from Booker winner Richard Flanagan there is a powerful tale of a family trying to decide whether to prolong the life of a dying relative, but some of the more fantastical elements seem out of kilter"
The Scotsman
"The individual elements are handled with impressive conviction — but, rather than cohering, they’re left to jostle uneasily against each other"
The Times
"a Booker winner’s walk on the surreal side"
The Sunday Times
"Written with Flanagan’s characteristic mix of humanism and emotional insight, this uneven novel could have been powerful and moving."
The Spectator
"Family tragedy meets magical realist fantasia in the Australian author’s novel of love and loss"
Financial Times

An ember storm of a novel, this is Booker Prize-winning novelist Richard Flanagan at his most moving-and astonishing-best.