An Afternoon with Dan Walker

We are very excited to launch the first book in an electrifying new series by Dan Walker, author of 'Sky Thieves', right here in our shop!

Waterstones, Nottingham

Saturday 18th January, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

  • Book Launch
  • Book signing
  • Questions & Answers
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About the Event

"You ask me what Light is, Lux? Light is everything. Every single thing. The very fabric of our world is made up of this force - people, trees, the chair I am sitting on, this pen I am writing with. Few can access this Light, control it. You are one."

Huge Monsters roam the land, smashing towns to splinters. For centuries, energy-wielding Light Hunters battled the creatures, rescuing the townspeople of Daven from a terrible fate. Then, a single, disastrous mistake turned the people against Light. Now, this powerful and ancient force is mostly gone, all but a memory. Lux Dowd lives in a clock repair shop with his ill Grandpa and the old man's live-in carer, Miss Hart. Although he might seem to be a normal 12-year-old boy, Lux has a secret: not only can he wield Light, he might be the finest Light-healer the world has ever seen.But when Lux uses his power to save his best friend Maya, his Light draws a strange, shadowy figure to town, one who would use Lux's powers for evil.

The Light Hunters is the first in a thrilling new magical series from Dan Walker.

The event is free to attend. Copies of the book will be available to buy there.

If you have access requirements, please get in touch beforehand. Waterstones Nottingham is wheelchair accessible. All welcome.

Venue Information

1/5 Bridlesmith Gate
United Kingdom
Phone: 01159470069

About the Book

The Light Hunters
The Light Hunters

Dan Walker, Jr.

Publisher:UCLan Publishing

Publication date:16 Jan 2020