Carcanet Book Launch: American Mules by Martina Evans

Join Carcanet to celebrate the launch of Martina Evans's new poetry collection, American Mules.


Wednesday 21st April, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

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  • In Conversation
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About the Event

Join Carcanet to celebrate the launch of Martina Evans's new poetry collection, American Mules.

Hosting the reading will be fellow Carcanet poet Thomas McCarthy. The event will feature readings and discussion, and audience members will have the opportunity to ask their own questions. We will also be showing extracts of the text during the reading so that you can read along.

Martina Evans's eponymous Mules are shoes brought to her as an exotic gift by an American relation. They suggest to her the possibility of a very different world, one which the poems' speakers set out to explore.

As happens so often in her poems, new and invented experiences throw into vivid relief Evans's own intensely lived experiences. We revisit places her readers have encountered before — the radiography units of hospitals and their merciless work culture, in which the speakers must survive; a London densely populated by both human and animal characters whose colours and aspect she brilliantly evokes, and Burnfort, County Cork, with its bars and gossip and childhood complications, a subject of her lyrics.

And, in the wake of the success of her 2018 book-length sequence, Now We Can Talk Openly About Men, she gives us a new long poem, Mountainy Men, which re-imagines family trauma through the prism of classic American cinema... American Mules is two books and two or more worlds in one. Evans's English makes different noises in the imagining of Ireland, England and America, but the same wise, wry, inventive mouth speaks them all. The Irish Times described her as 'a subtle, challenging writer with a wonderfully destructive approach to the pieties she describes.'

Registration for this online event will cost £2, later redeemable against the cost of the book. All attendees will receive the discount code and how to purchase the book during and after event.

About the Book

American Mules
American Mules

Martina Evans

Publisher:Carcanet Press Ltd

Publication date:29 Apr 2021


Highly anticipated new collection from the author of 2018's acclaimed Now We Can Talk Openly About Men.