'Dear Life: A Doctor's Story of Love & Loss' with Rachel Clarke

Join Dr Rachel Clarke, a specialist in palliative medicine, as she talks about Dear Life - her vibrant, tender and deeply personal new memoir that finds light and love in the darkest of places.

Blackwell's, Manchester

Monday 2nd March, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

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About the Event

Join us instore on Monday 2nd March as we welcome Dr Rachel Clarke to Manchester to celebrate the launch of her new book Dear Life.

As a specialist in palliative medicine, Rachel chooses to inhabit a place many people would find too tragic to contemplate. Every day she tries to bring care and comfort to those reaching the end of their lives and to help make dying more bearable.

Rachel's training was put to the test in 2017 when her beloved GP father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She learned that nothing - even the best palliative care - can sugar-coat the pain of losing someone you love.

And yet, she argues, in a hospice there is more of what matters in life - more love, more strength, more kindness, more joy, more tenderness, more grace, more compassion - than you could ever imagine. For if there is a difference between people who know they are dying and the rest of us, it is simply this: that the terminally ill know their time is running out, while we live as though we have all the time in the world.

'What a remarkable book this is; tender, funny, brave, heartfelt, radiant with love and life. It brought me often to laughter and - several times - to tears. It sings with joy and kindness' Robert Macfarlane

About the author:

Before going to medical school, Dr Rachel Clarke was a television journalist and documentary maker. She now specialises in palliative medicine, caring deeply about helping patients live the end of their lives as fully and richly as possible – and in the power of human stories to build empathy and inspire change. Her first book, the Sunday Times bestselling YOUR LIFE IN MY HANDS, reveals what life is like for a junior doctor on the NHS frontline.

This event is free but do please register your interest in advance.

Venue Information

146 Oxford Road
M13 9GP
United Kingdom

About the Book

Dear Life
Dear Life

Rachel Clarke

Publisher:Little, Brown Book Group

Publication date:16 Jan 2020


3.97 out of 5
10 reviews
"when her beloved father received a terminal diagnosis, she had to relive all her training in the most personal way possible."
The Bookseller
"She is shrewd and witty about the medical profession"
The Independent
"Clarke is unerringly good at telling stories and Dear Life is full of them"
The Observer
"A palliative care doctor movingly describes her work"
The Times
"Clarke elucidates why people with limited time left are propelled to savour every moment of life all the more urgently"
Evening Standard
"Rachel Clarke reflects on life working in an Oxford hospital’s palliative care unit"
Daily Mail
"There are some real gems in this tender, at times challenging and almost always vibrant read"
Irish Times
"A medic’s heartbreaking personal account of the loss of her father, and of witnessing the courage of the critically ill"
The Guardian
"Clarke’s writing on her relationship with her father and his eventual death is beautiful and poignant."
The Spectator
"Deeply moving"
Woman & Home

A brilliant combination of lyrical memoir and guide to living and dying, comparable to Kathryn Mannix's With the End in Mind and Julia Samuel's Grief Works, from the author of Your Life in My Hands.