Derek Owusu: That Reminds Me

Anansi, your four gifts raised to nyame granted you no power over the stories I tell…

Topping and Company Bookshop, Bath

Tuesday 28th January, 2020 @ 8:00 pm

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About the Event

This is the story of K.

K is sent into care before a year marks his birth. He grows up in fields and woods, and he is happy, he thinks. When K is eleven, the city reclaims him. He returns to an unknown mother and a part-time father, trading the fields for flats and a community that is alien to him. Slowly, he finds friends. Eventually, he finds love. He learns how to navigate the city. But as he grows, he begins to realise that he needs more than the city can provide. He is a man made of pieces. Pieces that are slowly breaking apart.

That Reminds Me is the story of one young man, from birth to adulthood, told in fragments of memory. It explores questions of identity, belonging, addiction, sexuality, violence, family and religion. It is a deeply moving and completely original work of literature from one of the brightest British writers of today.

‘Derek Owusu’s writing is honest, moving, delicate, but tough. Once you lock on to his words, it is hard to break eye contact. A beautiful meditation on childhood, coming of age, the now, and the media. This work is heartfelt.’ -Benjamin Zephaniah

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Topping and Company Bookshop
The Paragon
United Kingdom

About the Book

That Reminds Me
That Reminds Me

Derek Owusu


Publication date:14 Nov 2019


0.00 out of 5
2 reviews
"there is a palpable charge and welcome freshness to the voice here that is undeniable"
The Guardian
"This book is brave and moving"
The Observer

This work is heartfelt.' Benjamin Zephaniah 'Honest and beautiful.' Guy Gunaratne, author of IN OUR MAD AND FURIOUS CITY 'When writing is this honest, it soars.