Hay Festival: Hilary Mantel talks to Peter Florence

The novelist Hilary Mantel discusses the final volume of her Thomas Cromwell trilogy, The Mirror and the Light.


Saturday 30th May, 2020 @ 2:30 pm

  • In Conversation
  • Storytelling session
  • Talk


About the Event

The novelist discusses the final volume of her Thomas Cromwell trilogy. Both Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies won the Booker Prize. Spoiler alert - please save this gig for when you've finished the book…

You can hear Hilary Mantel discuss Bring Up the Bodies at Hay 2012 on HayPlayer

This event will be audio only in a special edition of the Hay Festival Podcast

About the Book

The Mirror and the Light
The Mirror and the Light

Hilary Mantel

Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers

Publication date:5 Mar 2020


4.47 out of 5
22 reviews
"a worthy conclusion to what is undoubtedly one of the great historical fictions of the age"
New Statesman
"The long-awaited final part of the Booker-winning trilogy is a masterpiece that will keep yielding its riches"
The Guardian
"a prodigious feat full of violence, savagery and ghosts"
Times Literary Supplement
"If The Mirror & The Light is the least perfect volume in the Wolf Hall trilogy, that still makes it better than almost anything else of its kind"
The Daily Telegraph
"She makes the past a living present, and what more can one ask of a historical novelist?"
The Scotsman
"So, to cut to the chase, does it merit another Booker? Yes it does"
Evening Standard
"The Mirror and the Light is a commendable and imperfect novel that saves its best for last"
Literary Review
"The Mirror & the Light could break the hearts of ardent Mantelites by not quite living up to the nigh-on impossibly high standards she set with the last two."
Daily Mail
"“The Mirror and the Light” is the triumphant capstone to Mantel’s trilogy on Thomas Cromwell"
The New York Times
"The Mirror & The Light lays down a marker for historical fiction that will set the standard for generations to come."

Preorder the long-awaited sequel to Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, the stunning conclusion to Hilary Mantel's Man Booker Prize-winning Wolf Hall trilogy.