Julia Johnson at Lockdown LitFest

Join Julia Johnson at the Lockdown LitFest!


Friday 31st July, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

  • All the Family
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About the Event

Julia Johnson’s stories frequently focus on the history and culture of the Arabian Peninsula. She is keen to preserve and continue the oral tradition of storytelling, and to encourage an awareness of the rich and colourful heritage of the Gulf through her writing by weaving together fact with fiction in stories and rhymes which are easily accessible to young people. 

She won the “Best International Children’s Book” award for “The Turtle Secret” at the Sharjah Book Fair in 2014 and received a Kirkus Star review for “The Leopard Boy”. 

About the Book

Lizard and Toad
Lizard and Toad

Julia Johnson

Publication date:23 Jul 2020


Lizard and Toad are friends. They live in a wadi in the mountains of Arabia.

Toad’s curiosity often leads him into trouble, but clever Lizard always has a bright idea to help his friend out of a sticky situation. 

Follow Lizard and Toad in four exciting adventures – There’s No Place Like Home, Toad’s Painting, Toad Takes a Ride and The Discovery. 

Includes a colouring spread and an introduction to the creatures who live in a UAE Wadi.