Maggie O'Farrell: Hamnet

Join Maggie O'Farrell at the Cambridge Literary Festival


Wednesday 21st April, 2021 @ 7:30 pm

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About the Event

Making a welcome return to the festival, Maggie O’Farrell joins us to discuss Hamnet, arguably the book of her career. Scooping the coveted Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020, Hamnet is inspired by the short life of a sixteenth century boy – the son of the playwright William Shakespeare, whose name was given to one of the most celebrated plays ever written. The book is a brilliant and tender piece of historical fiction, re-imagining the bond between twins and a marriage pushed to the brink by grief. Come and hear from one of our finest novelists.

In conversation with writer Jo Browning Wroe, whose debut novel A Terrible Kindness will be published in Spring 2022.

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About the Book


Maggie O'Farrell

Publisher:Headline Publishing Group

Publication date:31 Mar 2020


4.25 out of 5
18 reviews
"The death of the Bard’s son prompts this powerful novel about parental grief"
The Sunday Times
"It's a beautifully written novel but I confess I read it with a faint impatience"
Evening Standard
"Immersive, at times shockingly intimate, and triumphantly brought to fruition, this is a work that ought to win prizes"
The Guardian
"It’s a novel that ultimately feels precious and worthy — something Shakespeare never was"
The Times
"A fictionalised account of the short life of Shakepeare’s son, Hamnet, is a work of profound understanding"
The Observer
"a sensual retelling of Shakespeare’s turbulent family life"
The Daily Telegraph
"a remarkable piece of work"
The Scotsman
"(a) heartbreaking, beautifully written story"
Daily Mail
"(an) undeniably intriguing, well-researched novel"
The Sunday Telegraph
"Maggie O’Farrell recreates Shakespeare’s family and that of Elizabethan England"
Irish Times

Told in Maggie O'Farrell's unique voice, HAMNET reveals for the first time in fiction the story of heartbreaking loss which inspired Shakespeare's most celebrated play