Mike Berners-Lee & Caroline Lucas: There Is No Planet B

Join Mike Berners-Lee & Caroline Lucas at the Cambridge Literary Festival


Thursday 22nd April, 2021 @ 6:30 pm

  • In Conversation
  • Online event


About the Event

2021 is seen by many as the make-or-break year to confront the global climate emergency. Included amongst them are sustainability expert Mike Berners-Lee and Caroline Lucas MP, who have both devoted their lives to campaigning and finding ways to halt the unfolding climate disaster. Come and hear what they have to say about what each of us can do to overcome the challenges we face.   

Chaired by Jeremy Cliffe, International Editor, New Statesman 

£6 - Single Event Ticket 
£35.00-£50 Cambridge Literary Festival pass 

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About the Book

There Is No Planet B
There Is No Planet B

Mike Berners-Lee (Lancaster University)

Publisher:Cambridge University Press

Publication date:21 Jan 2021


Completely updated edition brings the reader even more handy tips on how to help combat the climate emergency and other environmental problems. For anyone who yearns for a realistic alternative to the destructive path the world is on, and wants practical advice on how they can make things better.