#OurBrilliantFriends Book Club: International Ferrante Day

An exclusive advance reading from Elena Ferrante’s forthcoming novel and a celebration of the translator’s craft.


Tuesday 9th June, 2020 @ 9:00 pm

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About the Event

Join Elena Ferrante’s international publishers and translators, celebrity super fans, Ferrante’s English translator Ann Goldstein, and some of Ferrante’s most erudite commentators for a teatime chat and a reading from Ferrante’s new novel, The Lying Life of Adults. Hosted by Europa Editions.

This June 9, Ferrante’s international publishers will gather to discuss the art of translation, Ferrante’s work, the worldwide success of her Neapolitan quartet, and the author’s new novel, The Lying Life of Adults, coming September 1, 2020. 

The conversation will include a multilingual, transnational reading from the new book, and a panel conversation with celebrity Ferrante fans. It will conclude with an audience Q&A.

Elena Ferrante’s “star translator” Ann Goldstein will be joined by novelist, biographer, and short-story writer Roxana Robinson (Sparta, Cost), author and academic Merve Emre (The Ferrante Letters), comparative literature professor and Ferrante scholar Tiziana de Rogatis (Elena Ferrante’s Key Words), author and Guardian columnist Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett (The Tyranny of Lost Things), and others.

You are invited to join thousands of fellow readers from around the world at this unique celebration. It is happening online, on a laptop computer or smart phone near you, in our virtual #PiazzaFerrante.
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Hosted by Europa Editions in partnership with The Authors Guild, Words Without Borders, Bookshop.org, and the following international publishers: Wereldbibliotheek (Netherlands), Lumen PRH (Spain), Europa Editions UK (United Kingdom), Edizioni E/O (Italy), Profil (Croatia), Suhrkamp (Germany), Samlaget (Norway), C&K (Denmark), Norstedts (Sweden).

About the Book

The Lying Life of Adults
The Lying Life of Adults

Elena Ferrante, Ann Goldstein

Publisher:Europa Editions (UK) Ltd

Publication date:1 Sep 2020