Sathnam Sanghera & Kavita Puri: Empireland

Join Sanghera alongside chair Kavita Puri, as they discuss his enlightening and urgent new book, Empireland


Wednesday 24th February, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

  • In Conversation
  • Online event


About the Event

Award-winning novelist and journalist Sathnam Sanghera argues that Britain is a direct product of its violent imperial past. Despite this, education surrounding our colonial history remains stunted, as it is still a subject of both shame and glorification.  

Following his memoir, The Boy with the Topknot, and novel, Marriage Material, Sanghera introduces his new book: Empireland: How Imperialism has Shaped Modern Britain. In it, he explores how imperialism underpins our society: from the foundation of the NHS, to the nature of our racism, our economic status and our wealth, and the politics of exceptionalism that inspired Brexit.

Join Sanghera alongside chair Kavita Puri, writer and author of Partition Voices: Untold British Stories, as they discuss his enlightening and urgent new book.

About the Book


Sathnam Sanghera

Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd

Publication date:28 Jan 2021


3.76 out of 5
8 reviews
"Empireland is anchored by autobiography"
Times Literary Supplement
"(a) witty and multi-faceted portrait of our nation"
The Bookseller
"Empireland is the product of Sanghera’s mission to decolonise himself. It’s a noble, often poignant effort at self-education."
The Times
"a moving and stimulating book that deserves to be widely read."
The Guardian
"a balanced look at imperial Britain"
The Sunday Times
"an eye-opening history – but it buys into a misleading Brexit myth"
The Sunday Telegraph
"Now Sathnam Sanghera lumps together Covid, Colston, Brexit, Black Lives Matter and bingeing Brits in the same post-imperial mix"
The Spectator
"It’s a simple but profound response – this searching introspection and a quest for new horizons"
The Observer