UEA Live: Ian McEwan

Inaugural UEA Creative Writing MA graduate Ian McEwan returns to his alma mater to share his experiences as an award-winning, world-renowned writer.


Wednesday 28th October, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

  • In Conversation
  • Online event


About the Event

Inaugural UEA Creative Writing MA graduate Ian McEwan returns to his alma mater to share his experiences as an award-winning, world-renowned writer. He is joined in conversation by chair Jon Cook who is emeritus professor of the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing at UEA.

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About the Book

Machines Like Me
Machines Like Me

Ian McEwan

Publisher:Vintage Publishing

Publication date:18 Apr 2019


3.78 out of 5
15 reviews
"morally complex and very disturbing, animated by a spirit of sinister and intelligent mischief that feels unique to its author"
The Guardian
"Machines Like Me reminds us that McEwan is a once-in-a-generation talent, offering readerly pleasure, cerebral incisiveness and an enticing imagination"
The Spectator
"a clever, densely worked but sporadically irritating read"
Evening Standard
"I should stress that I found this mediocre McEwan more compulsive than many flawless novels"
The Times
"The pages certainly keep turning, but it feels painfully like the sort of thing a sophisticated robot might have come up with if"
The Guardian
"In this bravura performance, literary flair and cerebral sizzle winningly combine"
The Sunday Times
"It’s a bland book offered as an inventive one."
The Herald
"A novel this smart oughtn’t to be such fun, but it is"
The Observer
"a sharply intelligent novel of ideas"
The New York Times
"Ian McEwan is on top form with this counterfactual tale of love between man, woman… and robot"
The Guardian

**THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER**Britain has lost the Falklands war, Margaret Thatcher battles Tony Benn for power and Alan Turing achieves a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. This near-perfect human is beautiful, strong and clever - a love triangle soon forms.