Welcome to the new BookGig

Welcome to the new, improved BookGig - or BookGig 2.0 as no one is calling it.

We've given the site a thorough going over with a new look and feel. The design is both attractive and functional, presenting all the key information clearly and providing valuable additional info about the book and author where available. 

The search function operates in the same way, but we've simplified it so that the keyword search now focuses specifically on genres - so you can drill down to just the category of events you want easily. The location search has also been reworked to make it make it more useful. Previously a search in an area would provide no results at all if there were no events in the immediate vicinity - now we can show events up to 30 miles away from the town or postcode you enter. Giving you more options and choices. 

The new BookGig also has close ties with - Books in the Media, the UK's leading book reviews aggregation site . When you land on an event where the book associated with the event has been listed in BIM you will see the title's overall rating and a selection of reviews extracts. These will be updated automatically when new books are added to Books in the Media - so you should always see a selection of the latest reviews for books that have been reviewed in the UK media. 

We've also made it easier to submit events to BookGig. Now registered users can submit events directly into the system, complete with images, meta data and book information. No need to go off to another website - it's all handled by the new BookGig platform. Our editors will still review, amend and approve the submissions before they go live. But this should make it easier - and quicker - to get user-created events onto the site. 

You may notice a few features, such as the calendar, have dropped out of site. But don't worry they will reappear shortly over the next few days as we complete the transition to the new platform. 

Note: registered users on the old site will receive an email shortly with instructions on how to activate their accounts on the new BookGig. Don't worry, we've kept all your preferences intact - but we will need you to create a new password. 

So please go out and have good look around the new BookGig site and kick its tyres, so to speak. We look forward to hearing your feedback on bookgig@thebookseller.com